Becky Ditchfield and Cory Reppenhagen talk about meteorology for the youth journalism class


Becky Ditchfield is amazing meteorologist for Nine News for colorado. Ditchfield was born in St. Louis Missouri. But as a child she was terrified of thunderstorms “I ran into my parent’s room because I was scared of the thunderstorm.o little rock Arkansas. Lastly she settled down in colorado with her family

Ditchfield then became a meteorologist for Ninee News and a storm chaser and then came her buddy Reppenhagen they have a really cool truck they use to to chase the storms with and the truck is called… the Weather Titan. This truck is very special it is used to chase the storms and it has a highly protected camera and the truck and also tell you where the storm is. In this truck you are able to forecast in the truck while you’re moving. This truck is a very very good truck because it is able the spots where you need to be careful because you might get struck by lightning

On this tour Ditchfield and Reppenhagen both talked about meteorology and this leaded to Ditchfield talking about the Titan and how sometimes that she is not always home to see her kids all the time but they get that there mom works a lot.This is a great learning experience.