Deanne Pytlinski spills about the student success building in metro state university


Our tour guide Deanne Pytlinski has been working at Metro state University for fifteen years as the chair of the art department. Pytlinski, led many reporters to the student success building included on the Metropolitan State University of Denver she pointed out the art outside of the building. One of the truly amazing pieces was a sculpture by Rik Sargent indicating to water do to the studies of water pollution that occur at this school. As we entered the building Pytlinski explained the design of the building and how it is sometimes referred to as the heart of the campus. The complex edifice was designed and built by the RNL construction company. The main architect stated the the building was a “gateway” to success, education, and and the rest of the campus.

As you walk up the stairs, you see a rather abstract sculpture made of textbook paper. This amazing piece of art was created by Susan porteus, who, to make the sculpture, collected hundreds of pieces of paper and folded them to make an outstanding artistic creation.
As you continue down the hall you witness some rather strange “cubbies” big enough to fit even a few people inside. They are used by students for studying, handing out, or even for taking a long comfortable nap.

In the exit way there is a bench that resembles a phone, giving the user the feeling that they are sitting on the back of the phone. Despite the hard, uncomfortable look of the bench it is actually quite comfortable as once you sit on it the bench bounces down, making the whole experienced on it an exciting ride.