Editing- the result can amaze you, How?


Professor Robert Amend is a professor of journalism and chair of technical communications at MSU Denver. He teaches students on how to edit a video and photo with audio, special effects, cuts and transition.

Based on the visual footage and changes he uses special effects. Special effects can be determined as a green screen or, in his case transitions and color changes.


Transitions are from one location to another, or one speaker to another or both in one motion. Robert Amend showed a group of students, a fade. A fade in his perspective is one scene or location, to a black screen, to another location or scene.

Another Transition in the form of editing is a dissolve. A dissolve, based from the words of professor Amend, is a blend of scenes or photography changes in a transition form. You see both photos as it changes photos or films.

Simple transitions can have multiple differences and options. One last option that is used most commonly is a cut. A cut is changing between two frames quickly. A frame is a single capture or image of a picture. They are usually 1/60 of a second. Multiple frames make a cut or 1 simple, well put together photo or image.

Color changes

Color changes are very common for changing the lighting in the image. It can be very bright at one point and be darker and more elaborate at another spot.

Professor Amend and his creations and commitment to editing to photography

Rick Foster, a student of professor Amend, helps him complete his editing. Professor Amend made a commitment and is an expert in his department.
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