Finding Art in the Gateway to Success


People come to the Student Success building to find help with finances and admissions, but around them is tons of artistic treasures. Deane Pytlinski the Chair of the art department helped pick the art that went into the building and can be a good guide in the building too.

A sculpture created by Rik Sargent that shows one world and one water. It is a welcoming beautiful piece that looks great in front of the building.

This building was built in 2012 and then renovated in 2016.One interesting piece of art is the heart. There is red in the art piece which represents the heart. They call it this because it is at the heart of the campus.

In the Student Success Building there is seating in cubies. The cubies represent the boxy feel of the whole building .The cubies also represent the well thought out structure of the building.

As a hidden piece of art there is a poster that says gateway. This means a gateway opening to the rest of the campus as well as opening to success .You see this when a cubical closes and a poster comes down.

Susan Porteus created a great origami piece. Susan was a sculptor teacher. For this piece she used old text books, music sheets, science papers, some Dr.Seuss pieces, Math facts, and a lot more.

A more interactive piece of art was the mural done by Carlos Fresquez class. The other interactive piece that they have is with HIS on it because it all over the place and it added a lot of effect and emotion with all the string cris crossing going every were in this piece. The student success building helps lots of student’s pulse it has amazing mind moving art pieces.