You may think that libraries are just places where if you talk an old lady with big hair and glasses will say “Shush” but I assure you they are much more than that. Libraries are a place of knowledge and wonder!!! Take for instance the Auraria library at Metropolitan university. This truly is a fantastic library! This library has anything and everything you can think of! Anywhere from desks to a café! It has almost anything you can imagine!

You know I’ve been telling you about this fantastic library so I’m sure that you want to learn more about it right? Well if so you can stay here and read my article or if you’re not interested in this stuff you can just not read this article and go to something that would be more appealing to you whatever you choose it’s fine. Anyways let’s get back on our topic witch is this somewhat futuristic library. This library is truly amazing!

Now I think you are truly ready for me to tell you about this library so read closely. When we first got to the library we met Mr.Seeber (There is a picture of him down below) he taught us how a librarian can help a journalist and we had that talk for about 10 minutes then we moved on from that topic and then talked about the future of newspaper, its actually more interesting than you may think. Who knows in 20 to 100 years’ newspaper might not be delivered anymore just think how technology is taking over the newspaper. You could either pay $36 a month for the Denver post or you could watch the news for free. If you just take a seconded to really think about this possibility in the next 100 years there will most likely be no more newspaper. This is definitely something to think about.

Fun Fact: Did you know that there are more Library’s than McDonalds! Leave a comment below and share your response.

Now that you know what our group conversations were about now it’s time to give you a tour of the library using descriptive words so for this next paragraph just use your imagination to imagine these photographs in your mind or you can be unimaginative and just look at the photos that are displayed. The first thing that you notice are all the windows there’s so much natural light and it is so beautiful! There are two floors and hanging down from the ceiling there are these sound things that push the sound down, you see downstairs you can be loud and talk whenever you want but upstairs you have to be quiet, upstairs there are books and downstairs is a café and computers, the things on the ceiling makes the sound from downstairs stay downstairs it pushes the sound down. And last but not least they have a 3D print machine! Its basically a printer but it makes it have demotion it is hard to explain but it’s really cool!

This has been a great experience and I really hope that I can go to this library again and I hope it keeps growing!