Gold Galore


Miners went to Colorado to mine and get rich from the gold that they mined out of the ground or out of a river. This time was called the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. Miners used pans to get the gold out of a river or streambed. They used picks and other tools to get the gold out of the mines or caves.

Adults weren’t the only workers in mines. Small boys as young as ten years old worked in mines. Why? They could lay dynamite and squeeze into small places that the grown men couldn’t. This was a very difficult job because there was a high chance that you could get injured or even killed.

This time happened in the 1850’s. People mined in Cripple Creek and Leadville.

There are several ways to mine. One way is to take a pan with holes in the bottom and pick up things from the bottom of a river, and swish it around in the pan. Then you pick out the pieces of gold ore from the dirt and rocks. Another way to mine is to take picks and shovels and go into a cave or mine and hack pieces of gold out of the dirt or walls.

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