Holly, Lobo and Sissy Bear’s Meet


One day the Kidneys received news that there was a recued bear that had been abused. Tuffy Trussedale had was offered the bear and could not train it. So, he gave the bear to the Kidneys and also taught them how to take care of her. The Kidneys agreed to take the bear. They soon named her Sissy Bear.

As Sissy Bear grew up, the Kidneys started to teach her tricks. One of her most famous tricks was eating a cherry out of someone’s mouth, this was referred to as kissing. She was so well trained that even if she got mad at you she wouldn’t hurt you. If you accidently swallowed your cherry and Sissy Bear got mad and started to charge, they had backup cherries to calm her down. If this didn’t work they smacked her on the nose.

Sissy Bear was a loving bear and a loved bear. But nobody loved her more than Lobo the German Shepherd. The family found Lobo one day when they were driving through a city neighborhood when they found a dog that was being pulled around by a wire some kids were pulling. Kidney stopped the car, opened his door and said I’ll give you twenty dollars for the dog. And they agreed. Then Kidney put the dog in the back of the car. Once they took the dog home, they named the dog Lobo. Then when Sissy Bear met Lobo they immediately became best friends forever. To this day, Lobo and Sissy Bear are still best friends in heaven.