How will the population increase in Denver affect you?


The population in Denver growing by a million in 15 years will affect multiple resources such as water. The more people who move to Colorado, the more water usage occurs. This causes a lack of water across the Metro Area, which then would affect other states that also are provided with water from the Colorado River.

Water will become expensive over time and the more poverty stricken areas will have trouble obtaining water that is healthy to drink.

Roy Romer, former governor of Colorado, tried to sell water to San Diego. This caused lots of controversy because people wanted to conserve water for future generations in Colorado. At the same time this would earn Colorado more money. Even though Roy Romer is not governor now, the issue of water being sold to other states is still valid.

A high population increase in Colorado would mean more cars, which creates more pollution. When pollution is in the air and water evaporates from our Colorado and Platte Rivers it goes into the air and collects the pollution. When precipitation falls to Earth the pollution comes with it because it combines with the water vapor. This will in turn pollute our rivers and lakes. Although this water goes to plants to be purified. The acid rain that goes into our lakes and rivers could affect all the wildlife that drinks that water.