Industrial Design. What is it?


Industrial Designers do more than designing the product itself, it includes several different steps and skills developed over a period of time.

Technology is everywhere, in your phone, car, home and anywhere else you go. Industrial designers design products that optimize function, value, and appearance. Ted Shin has worked as an Assistant Professor in Industrial Design at Metropolitan State University of denver for 30 plus years. Although most phone brands phones look different, the technology inside is the same. Industrial Designers are the people that design the appearance of the phone. Shin talked abound how some companies may desig hard drives to look different, yet the technology inside is all the same. Industrial Designer’s work to make lives more comfortable, pleasurable and efficient.

Everything Industrial Designers design is used by humans, this is why they strive to make their products safe and comfortable to use. When designing a product designers study the human body in order to make sure their products are comfortable to use. When creating the final copy, multiple prototypes are tested many times in order to find the best model.

Designers are always looking to make new and innovative improvements. Shin talked about designs his students make including headphones that amplified the sound of your earbuds and chair that folds into a box. Come to MSU and day after the 24th if you want to see Shin or any of his designs!