Now that we know a little bit about Golda we need to conect it to water conservation. This is because the population is increasing in Colorado so fast that we are needing more and more. The house that Golda lived in is still here in Colorado. The population is growing so much that in 15 years more than a million people will be here.

In an interviewed Tom Cech from the One World One Water Center he talked about their idea to conserve water and how it is related to Golda. Tom’s company is partnered with the Botanical Gardens here in Colorado and they want to change the landscape around here original house to conserve water. The landscape in Israel is hot and dry and thus it doesn’t need water. Tom and representatives from the botanical garan want to go to Jerusalem to see what the landscape actually looks like, then they will come back and change the current terrain to look like the terrain in Israel where Golda was the 4th prime minister. It serves as a dedication and a way to save water.