Kenneth King Center, The Adventure Through The Halls


When you get to see a performance coming to life is a amazing teaching moment . At the Kenneth King Academic & Performing Arts Center you will walk into a graceful hall of different rooms for performances. Along the hallway you also can find talented students walking with smiles on their faces because of the great thing they do there.

To begin in the Concert Hall performances from Jazz and Hard Rock all the way to the Opera and Orchestra go on there. Department Chair of Music, Peter Schimpf was a performer in The Holiday Card to the City that went on in the Concert Hall 2 times during the Holidays seating about 520 each night.

The King Center was built in the Fall of 2000 and the Center also is shared by 3 different schools Metropolitan State University, Community College of Denver, and University of Colorado Denver. The founder Kenneth King said in his will that he wanted to have the Center shared by all of the three schools not just one.

The next room is the Music and Dance studio when Guy and Laetitia played on the piano. Eugenia Rawls Courtyard theatre is where the students put on plays because Eugenia Rawls was a very popular actress at the time and she donated money so that they could build the theatre for student that wanted to be on broadway or star in a movie. On the top there are chairs where if you donate money on of the chairs is named after you, the theatre can also seat 300 people.

Recital Hall is a small but has very good acoustics, the room has some bricks coming out to help with sound and white sound reflectors hanging from the roof. This room is also good for lectures and presentations.

In all this place is a place where dreams really do come true. Every performance at the Kenneth King Academic & Performing Arts Center is made so that you feel comfortable and not like you are a stranger. The King Center is a place where like Peter you can become a star.