Kevin Seeber Shows Campers From Youth Journalism Day the Auraria Library


Today at the Auraria Library at Metro State University, Mr. Seeber,a librarian from the Auraria library  showed campers from the youth Journalism Day all of the amazing stuff at the library.

Mr. seeber stared the tour by telling the kids how the library ad replaced most of their books and putting them online. The library went from having 1,000,000 books to just having 400,000 

Then Mr. Seeber asked the kids questions like “why do we have libraries? and how can librarians help journalists?”. Then he asked the campers what they thought libraries would look like in the future.

People all over the world are talking about if paperback or electronic books are better. Did you know there are more libraries in the US then there are McDonalds. The library is a multi-level library but on the bottom level it is more computers and classrooms and the top level is all books and study rooms.

The Auraria Library put 600,000 out of it’s 1,000,000 at a warehouse near DIA. Students can order books from the warehouse and have them delivered by car. The library is getting renovated and they are making a wood shop for the students. The library has only kept the paperback books that are non-fiction and are helpful for students. But the library does not just rent out books they also lend things like Park passes, video cameras, and 3D pens.

The Auraria Library is a great place to study, read, do homework, or just hang out. The Auraria library is a pioneer in a new version of the library.