King Center Adventure


Department Chair of Music, Peter Schimpf, says “Many people say this hall is one of the best halls in Colorado,” referring to Concert Hall. Concert Hall is the biggest theatre out of the three accommodating 520 members of the crowd, however all three are very close in a competition of the finest and best appearance. They all have small differences in what they show. For instance, Concert Hall features jazz shows, orchestras, and acoustic performances.

Kenneth King founded King Center, therefore it has been named after him. He asked in his will for the owners of the building to have three schools share it: The Metropolitan State University, Community College of Denver, and the University of Colorado Denver. Today, all three schools still share it and rent the Center’s rooms. Another donor of money is Denver’s actress Eugenia Rawls. The Eugenia Rawls Courtyard Theatre was named after her and seats 300 guests, making it the second largest auditorium in King Center. It also shows plays and musicals.

Last but not least, King Center also has a Recital Hall. This hall is for solo student performances, acoustic shows, and other small groups or shows. The architecture of Recital Hall is uniquely different, with odd brick placements in the walls. This helps music bounce off and amplify all sound. It is the smallest hall, and it seats 200 people. King Hall has another small room for singers, dancers, and musicians. It’s called the Music and Dance Studio, and the performers enjoy the space.

Finally, the King Center is not just for performers. It is also for people who are in the music business, and even who just want to learn about King Center and what happens there. It is a multi-room building with multiple people, and a magical air throughout it.