Metropolitan State University in Denver Introduces a New Industrial Design Building Dedicated to Students


Finding new, creative ways to solve problems, having a passion for creating and introducing new concepts through art, communicating through speech and writing well, wanting to explore the concept of 3D programming, and wanting to learn more about how things work are all skills students who want to pursue industrial engineering as a career need. Students attending the Metropolitan State University in Denver are able to work toward their education in industrial engineering.

Technology is all around. Industrial designers make products such as phones, utensils, computers, and everyday items you find in stores more efficient, attractive, and useful meeting the needs of consumers. Industrial designers make everyday products function well for users.

Ted Shin, an assistant professor in the department of design at the Metropolitan State University, explained that industrial designers work to make everyday lives more efficient, pleasurable, safe, and comfortable. Industrial designers find problems and create ways to fix them and create products that benefit themselves and consumers. For example, a product made by industrial designers that makes travelling and packing more efficient is a chair that can be taken apart that fits in a flat box that can be put together again. Industrial designers make goods even better than the last version using their creativity and ability to recognize problems always thinking of new ways to solve them.

When they design new products, as explained by Mr. Shin, they begin with an idea, create that idea into a sketch, make that sketch into a detailed drawing, turn the drawing into models, and then create adept prototypes, and finally begin to manufacture their product.

At the Metro State University they have 3D printers which can create prototypes that are tested for functional use. There is a continuous refinement process where students evaluate their ideas and engage in engineering. Designers don’t just draw or carve, they also have to manufacture. Engineers and industrial designers work close together.

The industrial design program at Metro State, is officially recognized by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). This gives students the opportunity to make their ideas a reality and work with professionals. For example, students in the industrial design program at Metro State, are engaged in a close relationship with the Industrial Design Society of America. According to Mr. Shin, this relation helps enhance the profession. The industrial design business, especially at Metro State University, teaches students about how things work and lets them explore the concepts of technology and manufacturing.