MSU art


Metro state university (Or MSU) has a wonderful art program! The student’s obviously work hard on the incredible artifacts seen around the building. The art items including the wall of origami, the “heart” of Metro State, and the pieces of yarn resembling different Indian tribes. All of which are fascinating pieces of art.

The “tour” was led by Deanne Pytinski. She knew where ebrything was and she was VERY kind.You could tell she a a ton of expireince at MSU. She knew how the sculptures were made and she knew why it was made. She showed us some really neat sculpture inside and out of the building

There were 2 sculptures’ that stood out to me. The first one wasn’t really a sculpture. It was a normal old BENCH. The reason it stood out to me is the creative use of making the bench. I learned the bench was made of wood killed by beetles. The other sculpture was in front of the building. It was a large copper circle with a line making it symmetrical. We later learned that the sculpture meant the line between world and water. Those 2 sculptures stood out to me.