Music With Emotions


July 20, 2017- Guy and Laetitia were practicing in the music and dance Studio in the King Center. Hearing the practice of a piano performance can make you feel merry inside. The notes were left hanging in mid air. It was as if the music jumped right off the page. The notes were so light and soft and made you feel warm inside.

The King Center was established in 2000 and still open to this day. The building is named after Kenneth King.There are many variations of performances like orchestra,choir,and plays.With these variations they plan to make a lot of money. A wide variety of colleges use the King Center.

Three colleges use King Center Metropolitan State of Denver(MSU)Community College of Denver(CCD)and University of Colorado Denver(UCD).Some people rent the Recital Hall for small concerts. Kenneth king wanted all of the schools to use the building. All of the schools seem to share the building well. People like Guy and Laetitia rely on the King center to become the stars they can become.