One State, Thirty Million People


In the state of Colorado, water is very important. We have a very dry climate so it gets very hot and we all know the best feeling is cold water on a hot day. With 1 million people moving here in just 15 years and every single person needing water to live, we need our water to be clean to get to as many people as possible.

The best way to explain is in the words of Tom Cech. Tom is the director of the One World, One Water Center (also known as the OWOW Center). He said “think of it like compare and contrast” On the campus of Metro State there is a horse trough from 1898. When asked about the importance of this landmark, he said “This symbolises the water in Colorado and how every time someone moves here the water reduces in availability” California, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico all use water from Colorado. That’s more 30 million people so we need to be aware of how much water we use.

Just as the History of water in Colorado is important, the future of water is crucial. We asked Tom Cech his thoughts about the influx of people coming to Colorado. “A couple months ago, I saw 30 construction cranes in downtown. Judging by this, I think that in 15 years there will be about 1 million more people. This is a good thing but it also means there will be less water for everyone and we have to start thinking about conservation.” Tom’s words are important to remember as the arrival of new heads to our already swelling community brings a new culture with its problems.

The slew of people moving here means more pollution, more crowding and less water for people. As citizens, we must do our part to conserve water and keep the water clean when more people move here.