Paperback or Digital Books?


Paperback books or digital books? The new debate in library’s. Library’s all over have been decided if they want to keep paperback books or move the books on to computers. People who debate this have had arguments for both sides, it’s a pretty even draw between the two.

Paperback, easy to read and use. People say they want to keep it the old way and have the books paperback. They say it’s easier to read, it doesn’t heart you’re eyes to stare at for long periods. It’s safer to carry around and you have lot less of a chance to have it stolen. If library’s got rid of paperback books, then what would happen to newspapers? Would they all go digital as well?

But some people are against keeping paper back. Some of them say it’s time for something new, or something nicer. Some people have said that they don’t want to have to carry big, thick, heavy book’s around. They say its easier to carry a light wait tiny tablet around or phone around. And some people are worried that as more books go digital, newspaper will to.

But then there are the people who want to switch it all to computers/tablets. Some libraries have already switched to using lots of computers and less books. This allows the reader to log into the library website and access the books from anywhere. This also allows the reader to read normally large book, but that has been shrunken down to a device that can be help in a hand.

Then again there are reasons not to want to read on a digital screen. It can damage your eyes if you’re looking at it for a long time, and it gives you the chance of having your device stolen. Some other people say that they want to keep it like it has always been, paperback.

This debate starting a while ago, and it will not end for a very long time.