Sissy the Bear & Lobo the German Shepherd


Kidney was 9 when her parents built the first replica of Bent’s Fort. They had 5 German Shepherds. Then they saw Lobo being tortured and bought him. After that the zoo offered them a baby bear and they took it. They named her Sissy.

They had a great relationship. Sissy and Lobo would kiss and play. They also ate each other’s food. They slept with each other. They were great together. Pictures showed their love because they were llaying on top of each other and playing with each other a lot.

One night Lobo was outside and got attacked by raccoons. He came back with scratches and bites. They took Lobo to the vet. That night the heard sissy sobbing and they brought her warm milk and honey. The next day the vet called and said he passed away. Sissy knew it. A couple years after sissy passed away of old age. Sissy and Lobo had a very special bond.