The Alarmingly Amazing Kenneth King Center


The Kenneth King Center, also called the King Center, was built in the fall of 2000 and is shared by three different colleges, Metropolitan State University, Community College of Denver, and University of Colorado Denver. They all share because in Kenneth’s will it said he wanted the three colleges to each use it.

It possesses recital hall, a 520 seat concert hall, a 200 seat recital hall, and a 300 seat courtyard theater, called the Eugenia Rawls Courtyard Theater. The Eugenia Rawls Courtyard Theater also accommodates the entertaining ghost story of a ghost who gets enraged when a light is not left on and caused bad luck to the performers if it was not on. It also contains a music and dance studio and a costume workshop. As we entered the music and dance studio, we witnessed a student and teacher practicing a piano piece. The costume workshop included a timeline of costumes.

The theaters all have great acoustics and the center has hosted The Bad Plus and many more bands from jazz to orchestral performers. As a sort of joke, the halls of the center all have been named after real streets or lanes such as the Main Street and Academic Square. The director of music, Peter Schimpf, led my classmates and I on a tour of the King Center.