The day in the life of a Meteorologist


Becky Ditchfield and Cory Reppenhagen are meteorologists for 9 news in Colorado.
Ditchfield grew up in St. Louis, Missouri as a child Ditchfield always loved the weather but was afraid of big storms and would always hide in her parents bedroom when a storm hit.

Ditchfield went to college and got a master in meteorology and a minor in math and broadcasting. After going to college, Ditchfield went to Nebraska and then to Little Rock, Arkansas and finally settled in Colorado for with her family.

The 9 News new storm chasing truck, Weather Titan is new storm chasing truck is equipped with modern technology including a 360 degrees camera and weather station so she can give weather reports while riding in the truck or or outside with a screen that pops out back.

She says that meteorologists like her get criticised a lot for not getting the weather right saying that they could, “do her job better than she could,” and that you have to have thick skin in order to be successful.

Ditchfield says she has fun being a meteorologist even though she has to wake up at 2 AM and sometimes stays very late and is not able to see her children very often but they understand even if it’s her job