The Future of Journalism and Technology


In Auraria Library, at Metropolitan State University you will see how technology really impacts students and journalism. Technology is everywhere, and is changing the way we read, report, and more. Journalism is how we get most of our news and updates, however, it has changed a lot over the years. Journalism used to be printed with a press and then thrown at houses. Now, almost everything is being read on digital devices like phones and laptops. Think about Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Thousands of posts go up every day on social media as well as some reports.
“Newspapers in the future might not be read anymore” Librarian Mr. Seeber explains, “Everything might be read on digital devices”.

As you walk around the library you will notice all the features of technology that really make this library unique and a bit futuristic. Technology today really impacts how students learn. The first floor is filled with computers and studying rooms. There is also a room under current construction.
“We are planning to put together a room where students can go in and actually build what they want. There will be tools and hammers and everything they need to make what they desire”, Mr. Seeber explains.

This library is huge, equipped with sound paneling so that it stays quiet when you’re in your own study space with a TV and couch. Walking around the first floor you will come across more TV and study rooms, along with more computers. Students use the computers to study, do research, and can even “rent” the study spaces. Walking out of Auraria, there are 3D printing machines. Students can Imagine and Invent an object, design it on the computer and then print it. Libraries are very important today and contain so many of the facts that we desire.

Technology has made some great changes, but as so many things turn to digital devices and apps, you should ask yourself; “Would I rather go to a library and check out a book, or read it on my device?”-Think about it.