The future of libraries


Today, Youth Journalism campers from team 5, took a trip to the Auraria Library on the Metropolitan State University campus. At the door Mr. Seeber greeted us and lead us to a classroom.

One of the first questions Mr. Seeber asked us was, “What do you think to future of libraries look like? Then, “What do you think the future of journalists look like?” At first these were two separate questions, but soon we began to see that libraries, newspapers, librarians and journalists have a lot in common. Leaving us with these thoughts in mind, Mr. Seeber took us on a tour of the library.

First up we went to the renovation sight, where the library is building what we would think of as a garage. This is meant to be a working space where students can build, engineer and let their creative juices flow. Mr. Seeber says, “We are building this space because we want the students to engage their skills and be able to actually do the stuff they like, not just read about it.” This space is a great example of what libraries could look like in the future.

Next on our tour of the Auraria Library, we visited the group study rooms. These study rooms are a quiet place for students to work on homework together or tackle group projects. Up on the second floor of the library there are more group study rooms, plus about 30 personal desks.

Auraria Library has about 4,000 books right now. But before removing all the books from level 1, they had almost 1,000,000. Now most of their books are digital and accessible to all the students wherever they are. Auraria Library is pushing ahead of our time. Is this what you think libraries should look like in the future?