The History of 9th street


9th street is a street located on the Auraria Campus. On this street, Professor Amend gives a group of kids a tour, telling them the history of the place and of each building. The city of Auraria was first owned by Native Americans. Today, there are many houses along 9th street, and each house has a plaque that shows when each building was built.

The first house on the street was once a Mexican restaurant for 25 years, and was family run. In the last 40 years, there have been many restaurants inside it. There is also a building for the One World One Water center, which addresses water issues, along with funding for other environmental issues. In the next house, you will see that the roof is not as high as roofs nowadays. This is because over time, people start to get taller.

In another house, the inside has been filled with many modern things, such as the fan that was on the ceiling. However, the house has many small windows everywhere, including above the door. These are for light, because during the times the house was built there was no electricity. This house is a duplex, which means that there are 2 houses, but in one building. There are 2 front porches, and each one has venting underneath it. You can tell that they are old houses because there are more designs than modern houses.

In some of the houses, the people were taken away from the homes, but were given a small sum of money. Some people argued that the money given to the people was not enough. Recently, they invited the people who were uprooted for a celebration of their lives. Also, at the end of the street, there is a 40 year old fountain.

9th street has much history, and is west of downtown Denver. It is always open to public.