The importance behind industrial design


Technology is everywhere around the world. Whether it’s looking up a question or finding directions technology is an important part of many people’s lives. Not only is technology important, but we have much more we value too such as cars, toys, cosmetics, airplanes, and much more! Most of the things we use today are made by designers. Ted Shin a designer, gives us a closer look at industrial design and what it means.

Everybody values the appearance of the items they buy. “We make our products more attractive and useful.” says Ted Shin from Industrial Design at Colorado University. That means that they work on forms, shapes, and sizes. For example, the iphone and the Samsung. They both look the same on the inside but, on the outside they have a different form and shape.

Industrial design is all about art. Even though they use engineer techniques the design of the product is the most important part. Industrial design engineers start off by sketching their idea then they make a model. The engineers can either hand carve their design or use a 3D printer. Doing this can either take seven days or seven years. Once the model is tested and proven safe they send it to a manufacturer to create the real product.

“Industrial design is the study of people in motion.” says Ted Shin. He and his fellow engineers watch people with their everyday lives to then provide a tool to help them with what is hardest in their life. At industrial design they work hard to make their products affect people’s lives cognitively, physically, and emotionally. The engineers also use the continuous refinement process which is multiple phases of ideation to help create their product. Industrial design has created what we have now and keep making our lives better each and every day!