The Times of Kings


King Center is located in Metropolitan State University on 9th Street Plaza and Lawrence. The building was completed in the 2000’s. The Center is named after Kenneth King. The building has three halls the Concert Hall, Eugenia Rawls Hall, and the Recital Hall.

The Concert Hall seats 520 people, the largest seat amount of all three halls. Some part of the stage can drop down ten feet to create an orchestra pit for performers. While the Concert Hall performs music, the Eugenia Rawls Hall immerses the audience into the world of acting.

The Eugenia Rawls Hall is named after the actress Mary Eugenia Rawls because Mary donated to build the Center. The hall has about 300 seats to seat an eager audience. What is so unique about this hall is the backstage. It is many floors high with ropes attached to a set of metal that lifts and lowers objects. There is also a rumor about a ghost that haunts this hall, so the theater leaves a nightlight for the ghost before a performance.

Recital Hall is known for its acoustics and favorability. To accomplish this feat the theaters bricks are angled in a certain way to make the tone of the speaker smooth. The performers like this theater the best because of the small size, with only 200 seats. This room is also used for 8th grade graduations.

These three halls make the performers of this generation shine as bright as the lights.This beauty is found in the heart of Metropolitan State University.