The Work of Ted shin, A Industrial Design Engineer


Ted Shin, an aspiring cartoonist, came into industrial design when his father told him that he would not be successful by doing cartoons for a living. Being a cartoonist was Ted’s dream since the first grade and he knew that he wanted a career where he could channel his creativity.One late night when he was a sophomore in highschool, he saw a documentary about industrial design and knew that was what he wanted to do. Ted Shin is now an assistant professor in industrial design at Metropolitan State University and has been involved in industrial design for thirty plus years. Ted has also played a large part in the development in Samsung’s first clamshell type cell phone.

Shin knew that industrial design was the perfect career for him because he gets to channel his creativity. Most of the objects that we use today are all products designed by industrial design engineers. Before today’s tour I thought that since industry was involved that it had to do with with large products but I soon learned that industrial design is design and engineering coming together to make an aesthetically pleasing product that also provides function, safety, and comfort.A large aspect of industrial design is idealism or the process of pursuing ideals. Idealism is used when creating a product from a model or sketch. One product that stood out to me was an automated mountain bike bell. It was very intriguing learning about the process that was used to make this product. With a career in industrial design, Shin is able to apply his creativity to design both an efficient and effective product for all different types of lifestyles. Ted Shin uses his ideas every day to make each product better than the last.