The World Behind Industrial Design


 Today NextGen campers got the opportunity to go take a look at the industrial design program. This program was taught by experienced industrial designer Professor Ted Shin. He has been in the industrial design field for 30+ years.

In the industrial design program MSU students are taught how to solve problems. In order to solve these problems they need to build a special design to make sure it’s safer and more useful to the human race. Professor Ted Shin showed the NextGen campers how he taught the industrial design program over the span of 4+ years. In the process of the span of the 4+ years the students were taught that when being in the industrial design field you have to be creative and make something to solve a problem. For example, the fans with the plastic blades were redesigned so that there are no blades and will prevent anything bad from happening. An industrial designer’s job is to explore and look at the human race and see what they can create to make their lives easier. For example phones were created so that we have the technology and the power to look stuff up and call somebody without having it take 2-3 days to get there over letter. These students are sitting there and all the designers are too looking and exploring more ways that can make our lives easier and run smoother.

Knowing what you know now industrial designers have a bigger impact than what you thought. Everything we used was designed by industrial designers. Without them life would be harder we wouldn’t have the luxury we have and things would be done a lot slower. Think about what you wouldn’t have if industrial designers never existed.