Through the Halls of the King Center


Going to MSU, ( the Metropolitan State University, in Denver ) means that you have your own stage to go onto made specially for you in King Center. Kings Center was created by Kenneth King for people who do the performing arts. People who can do all sorts of things involving dance, music, and acting.

They also have many different halls like the Concert Hall which can fit 520 people, the Recital Hall which can fit about 200 people, and the Eugenia Rawls Hall which can fit 300 people.

The Concert Hall has astonishing acoustics inside and it even has a part of the floor that can drop down 10ft and the people who play in the orchestra get to go down there and perform alongside the people who sing or dance or sing opera.

The Recital Hall is additionally a classroom as it is the performance center. The acoustics in there are also outstanding since there are bricks on the walls. The bricks helps by projecting the tone of the music.

The Eugenia Rawls Hall is named after a actress that was in many, many, one woman shows. In the theatre, in the back, they have chairs that are named after people or companies that donated to help the theatre raise money. In the back of the theatre there is a painting of Eugenia Rawls.


The Kings Center was as you know created by Kenneth King. All of the halls and the people are part of the performing arts.