Through wet and dry


In the morning the majority of people get up, check a weather app, and get ready for the day. But have you ever wondered who checks the weather in the first place? Meteorologist, Becky Ditchfield says the most important featcher of her job is keeping others safe from a storm. But how is she safe rather than everyone else? Becky is very experienced. Further into detail, Becky has a major degree in in meteorology and minors in math and broadcasting. Chasing a storm can be so much safer you know the weather patterns.

The biggest struggle in her career so far would definitly be the media. After a broadcast people would put hurtful comments online.” “More than anyone I want to get it exactly on track” says Becky as you could imagine, it’s very hard not to tack it personally. Its especially hard in the winter, because the measurement of snow can be way different in different areas, and it’s hard to be exact.

Becky Ditchfield is also a storm chaser, she has a blue van with lots of cords, buttons, and screens. It has a tv in the trunk and a camera on the roof. This truck can survive up to three times as much weather damage than an ordinary car. The inside of the car looks like something purely out of a spy movie.

Lots of times, meteorologists will be gone for days at a time. They also have some unusualhours, like 3:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Next time you check the weather, remember how it got online