Video Editing


In JTC lab, Bob Amend would teach his student’s the three step in video editing on the adobe premiere pro. The three steps that Bob taught were cut, special effects, and fade.

First, the faculty did a step called cut. Cut is when you select a part you don’t want in your video. So when you selected that part you click cut. Cut removes that part you just selected. When you play the video it will just skip to the latest part of the video.

Second, the special effects would come in. Special effects are slow motion/fast forward, color changing, and slide transition. The slow motion is when you slow the talking of the subject or you can fast forward the subjects talking making it go really fast or really slow. Color changing is when you would select a color you wish and in will change most of the color in the picture to the color you choose. For example, if you chose red as your color then the background will start to change red. Slide transition would be when you have two or more interviews or videos and want to combine them together. It would combine but it would be in a transition. For instance, the second slide will slide in front of the first slide creating a slide transition.

Lastly, the fade effect would take part. The fade affect is what you sometimes see on news and TV shows. It’s like slide transition but it overlaps. So when you are transitioning to the next slide the first slide will start fading away while the second slide will start appearing so in the middle you can see both of the slides overlapping each other creating fade.

In conclusion, the JTC lab was an amazing place where Bob would teach his student’s how to edit their interviews/videos so it would become better than it was.