Video Editing


Video editing can make you sound like a chipmunk, look like Captain America, or burst through a wall like Hulk.

Bob Amend, a video production professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver, explained how video editing works.

Amend explained how color editing can enhance a movie or video. In the “Captain America” movies, editors use color editing to increase the contrast the red and blue of his suit.

Video editing is more than just what you see, it’s also what you hear. BOOM, CRASH, and POW are some examples of sound effects that can be added to a video. Gunshots are also commonly edited into videos.

Video editing can also be how you sound. In video editing you can raise or lower the pitch of your voice. You can make your voice deeper and slower, or higher and faster as Bob Amend explained.

Ultimately, video editing performs an important role in the visuals people experience every day.