Video editing


Video editing has many uses that can improve regular videos or footage. Sound effects can be used to give videos orfootage emotion or making small sounds sound or look more dramatic. If editors want to make footsteps louder and more dramatic, then they will add sound effects. Types of sound effects consist of music, talking, voiceovers and more. Sound effects improve modern videos.

When you edit videos, it puts all of the footage on a “timeline”. The timeline places all of the footage into frames so you can edit in between each detail. Bob at “Metropolitan State University Of Denver” taught how to a video so it has a blue tint, and you can also make any color a tint. He also taught us how to make frames fade into another scene. You can also fade the scene to black, so it looks like another scene is going to be next. Students at “YJD” also known as “Youth Journalism Day” learned how to edit.

Video editing can make things faster or slower. It can make something running into slow motion running. It can also make something slow very fast. If you want to make someone talk faster than you can edit that into the video.

To edit a video…you need a video to begin with! It doesn’t really matter what camera you use. You can use a phone camera, or you could use an expensive camera. If you want the quality to be better, than you would probably want to use an expensive camera. This is what I learned today at “Youth Journalism Day’ in Denver, Colorado. July 20, 2017
Article by: Kaylei Ray