a winter park relaxation


In winter park there any many places that you can relax, but most people want to get active too. Jim creek is a perfect place to do this; this 3-mile hike takes place near a flowing river and in many beautiful forests, and end at a breath-taking waterfall. A great scenic trip for family and friends.

Jim creek allows dogs and there is plenty of water for them to play in along the way, along this hike there were not that many people which made it very peaceful, there were also many places that were good for eating a quick lunch.

This trail was very fun to hike, there were lots of wildflowers, which was very cool because you could get in touch with nature. Though there may have been some places where it was up hill and a little hard to go up and there were also some places where the trails were not marked very clearly.

I think this trail is good for children but it may be a little too long, I also think that it may not be the best for elderly people considering how long it was and the elevation.
Before you go on the trail there is a sign that tells you what to do if you see a bear or a moose because they are very common in that area.

For the hike you should bring some sunscreen, because there are some parts where there is direct sun. Extra water, because since you are at an elevation of about 9,052 feet. Hiking or sturdy shoes, because there are some spots where its up hill and you need sturdy shoes to make sure you don’t fall. A sun hat, because there is a lot of sun. and a extra layer just incase it gets cold.

Overall this was a very breath taking and fun hike and I think a lot of people would enjoy it too, it was a one way hike so there and back it was a little bit longer than 6 miles, but the work to get to the water fall was really worth it.

No matter if you’re looking for a quick hike or something to do for a vacation, Jim creek is a great stop where you can get in touch with nature.