Happy Birthday Colorado


Happy 141st Birthday to Colorado! It may be the 38th State, but it’s the first in our hearts. On August 1st, 1876, Ulysses S. Grant admitted Colorado into the Union. Naturally because this is an important part of Colorado history, the History Colorado Center puts on a celebration every year. From 10am-4pm the museum has numerous fun and interesting activities for families to do. Inside and outside the museum, there was an alpaca petting zoo, an interactive adobe brick demonstration, a gold panning adventure, and numerous other small activities. The whole museum was open for you to enjoy as well.

All day there were other fun events that happened every few hours. At 10:30am members of the Cheyenne Tribe performed Native American dances. At the end of their dances they let you join in and dance! At 11:15 the Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper came out for a birthday celebration. Before the cake was served, he made a short speech about Colorado. “…that allows us to see where we have been so that when we go forward we make wiser and better decisions, that our future will always be better than our past.” Hickenlooper also added a note on the future of Colorado. “…I am happy to see the next generation here in the museum to support and recognize the importance of history.” What did you do this Colorado Day?