The One Memory Of Flora Banks


Imagine going through life not remembering what you did the day before. “The One Memory Of Flora Banks” by Emily Barr is about a seventeen year old girl who has amnesia.

When Flora Banks was only ten years old doctors found a tumor growing in her brain. When they removed the tumor they took a piece of her memory with it, she wouldn’t be able to make new memories for the rest of her life.

As time goes by Flora comes up with a system to help her with her memory on a day to day life; A notebook. She writes everything down in her notebook that will be important throughout the day, like what her favorite tea cup is. Without her notebook Flora wouldn’t be able to navigate life.

After something extraordinary happens, and Flora is able to remember, Flora sets out on an adventure, out of the country. She chases her memory to a freezing cold island, thousand of miles from her home. She navigates the island all by herself and finds her dream. Just to find out her whole life was a lie.

This book by Emily Barr is a great book that takes you into the mind of someone who struggles to remember. If you like reading a book from a different view on life than yours, then this is a book for you.

This book starts off with Flora’s thoughts, which can definitely be confusing. Since it is told from first person her thoughts are written, which can confuse some readers at the start of the book. Even though it is confusing at first, the book does get clearer the more you read.