Caring for a pet black hole can be a whole lot of work


One summery night Stella leaves the watch of her little brother, Cosmo to go deliver a One summery night Stella leaves the watch of her little brother, Cosmo to go deliver a sound track of all the happy and best noises in earth to NASA so that if they find life on another planet the life will know that earth is a happy place, but after not being let it, she heads back home.

What she doesn’t realize is that a vast black ball of trouble followed her home, and is about to take her on an adventure of a lifetime, as told in “The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole,” by Michelle Cuevas.

Larry is what Stella names the black hole, she teaches him how to sit, stay, and role over. But the only problem is that anything Larry touches he absorbs and transports it into his vast darkness, one day Larry absorbs Stella’s favorite picture of her and her dad (her dad is not with them, and the book does not say what happened to him, bit I assume that he died somehow.)

Anyway, Stella gets very mad at Larry and Larry slinks away causing chaos in Stella neighborhood.
Soon Stella finally gets the dog she wanted, but since Larry is attracted to anything small and fluffy that’s going to be a problem. Soon the problem happens, their dog’s ball goes flying into the black hole and sure enough the dog goes flying in after it.

Now its up to Stella to go on a adventure inside of a black hole to rescue her dog, and supposedly the planet.
I think this book was very good, it may have been a little old for my age but that didn’t make it bad. I think this book would have been good for eight or older just because kids younger than that I think wouldn’t understand it.

From learning about space to humorous parts, “The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole” is a fun read that will keep you involved!