New Monster Book has Freaky Fun


“Monsterland”, by James Crowley, is an intriguing book about a lost boy named Charlie. Charlie is trying to find his cousin Billy, who was presumed to be dead. This story takes place in a small town on Halloween when Charlie runs away from town because he was getting bullied. Then he follows someone that he thinks is Billy to a tunnel in the rock and gets lost. He finds a hidden world known as Monsterland. Monsterland has all sorts of dead beings from ghouls to goblins and vampires to werewolves.

The first city in Monsterland that Charlie finds has a prime minister that governs it. The city is like a normal medieval city with a castle at the top of the hill where the prime minister lives. The prime minister was just out and about enjoying Halloween and this is how Charlie ended up following him. The prime minister tells Charlie that his cousin may actually be alive. This was a big deal because Billy disappeared a year ago and Charlie had been searching for him ever since. The prime minister helps Charlie find Billy by ordering Frankenstein to accompany Charlie on a search.

This is an adventure story. For example, during the beginning of the journey to find Billy; while Charlie was sleeping, some of the ghouls came into his room with a knife and tried to rob him. Frankenstein, who is known in the book as the monster of all monsters came and saved the day.

I enjoyed the book. The story kept me engaged and I always wanted to learn more. Flashbacks and attacks keep things interesting. There are a lot of details but no pictures. There are happy, exciting and sad moments in the book. The exciting moments were most frequent. I recommend this book for any kids ages 8-13 because it still has the concept of monsters which might bother younger kids and yet there is enough adventure to still intrigue older kids.