The Bonaventure Adventures


The book ‘The Bonaventure Adventures’ by Rachelle Delaney is an amazing book about the great adventures of a boy with an interesting family.

Sebastian Konstantinov comes from a line of world known circus performers that travel the world with a fantastic performance ready to impress anyone willing to watch. But what happens when he finds out that his beloved circus is simply not interesting anymore. This book talks about the chances Seb is willing to take in order to his home. A tale of friendships, hardships, and relationships.

The author of this book does a fantastic job keeping the vocabulary simple, yet having beautiful descriptions that are clear and to the point. The book reads smoothly and the plot moves rather quickly. The author gives brief character descriptions that are further explained as the book progresses. The reader has to remember very few characters, but background figures also appear in the story.

The plot of this particular work moves rather quickly. Considering that this book is a little under 300 pages, the author does an exceptional job of including the conflict, climax, and resolution while describing them in fair detail. One thing that stands out in the book is that besides English, a few French words can be found within the book. Because most of the story takes place in Montreal, Canada, the addition of French seams logical.

In conclusion, the book ‘The Bonaventure Adventures’ is a wonderful, simple story that is very pleasant and easy to read. The amount of thought and care the author put into the style promises an enjoyable experience for anyone willing to read the book.