Lucy and Andy: They’re at it Again!


Jeffrey Brown brings us a sequel, “Lucy and Andy Neanderthal: The Stone Cold Age”, that comes with a good concept, but bad pacing. If you missed the first book, this series focuses on Lucy and Andy, two Neanderthals who grow up in the Stone Age. In the second book, the Neanderthals need to find the humans a place to live. In the process, they come across Big Bob, an appropriately named cave bear, whom they need removed from a potential housing unit for the humans.

“Lucy and Andy Neanderthal: The Stone Cold Age” took everything I liked about the first book and left it out in the cold. (Pun intended) The factoids the author snuck in the first book were almost subliminal really and focused equally on education and story. My biggest complaint is its pacing, as I mentioned before. The book introduces so many mini plotlines that it’s hard to keep up. They are each introduced and resolved so quickly that they don’t even get a chance to pull their weight. The foundation isn’t bad at face value. There is a cringe-worthy human birth scene which spares us on visuals but leaves something to be desired with one Neanderthal’s audio commentary. The bulk of the book has one young human bouncing insult after insult off Andy. (His face also happens to be reminiscent of an ugly gargoyle.) If you want some Neanderthal, go for book one in Jeffrey Brown’s soon-to-be trilogy, which gives you a well-paced, educational comic.