The Losers Club


“The Losers Club” written by Andrew Clements is a story following the first couple weeks of Alec’s 6th grade struggle of having a addiction of reading popular books.

It briefly explains that he struggles with keeping his mind focused on schoolwork instead of books. But this year his principal Mrs. Vance is putting an end to this by implying that if he is caught reading in class again without permission his parents will be notified.

After that first day his little brother reminds him he has an extended day after school. There are multiple clubs and he then wants to make a club that just a silent space to read books.

On the down side he needs 2 people in the club to have it be a club. After he makes the club, more people begin to come and he starts to have more issues with the group.

This story was one of the best books I’ve read all year. The story kept me reading until I was done. And anyways, in the entirety of this book there are other book titles that I have read. What I mean by this is the books that his club reads are actually real books and I’ve read alot of them. It was a perfect fit for my age and I think anyone younger would of also enjoyed this.

I recommend this book to anyone that wants a different type of school story or even if you just like to read!