Trancendent : A book by Katelyn Detwieler


Transcendent, a book written by Katelyn Detweiler, is a book about a 17 year old girl named Iris, who had just heard about Disney world being bombed by terrorists, and people are suspicing of her being a child of a virgin who could help alot of people.

Iris meets Zane, a homeless teen and his sister, who lives in a homeless shelter in Brooklyn. She finds a book written by her mom about a teen named Mina who got pregnant without having sex or reproducing in any way, and she aks her mom about it. She finds that Mina is her mother and she is Mina’s child.

Iris doesn’t want anyone to find out, so she runs away with Zane and his sister to Zane’s uncle in Queens for about a month, so her friends won’t discover the terrible truth.

I thought the book was OK because of the complicated cause and effect based plot, and the descriptions of each character and locations. The book was pretty interesting at some parts.
The rest of the book was confusing and was really slow and had more conversations than anything.

If you were to read this, I would recommend reading the book “Immaculate” first, then this book would make more sense on the parts with Mina because the book is more like a distant prequel to this book.

There also is some language not stuible for some audiences under the age of 14.

I would not recomend this book because of the slow pace, the foul language, and the needed comprehension of the other book, but if you choose to read this book, you would have to know what happened on the book Immaculate, which was also written by Katelyn Detwieler, for it to make sense