“ The Way to Bea,” is for you and me


Seventh grade girl, Beatrix Lee, has an interesting year in “The Way to Bea,” by Kat Yeh. Bea is a poet who really likes to write haikus. Both of her parents are very creative. Bea’s mom is an artist and her dad is comic book writer and artist. At the beginning of the school year Beatrix loses her best friend , Sammie to three other girls and ends up having no one to hang out with during the day. When she doesn’t have anyone to eat lunch with she finds the Broadside office where the school newspaper kids meet and she tries to hide in their where no one will see her. She finds out she’s not the only one with that idea. The office is where she meets new people that change her experiences and the things she does at school. After going to the office multiple times, Bea starts to go there for lunch everyday to hang out and see if she can find a place to fit it.

When you read, “The Way to Bea,’ you will realize it is a challenging story to follow and is probably better for middle schoolers to read and is more relatable for them. Author, Kat Yeh does a good job of writing about realistic characters and telling stories about discovering the kinds of relationships you might have as you get older.

Just like Beatrix Lee would write, here is a review Haiku.

Friends, school, poetry
Middle school friends come and go
Will she find her place?