Even Opposites Can Become Friends Through Haunted Houses


Journey into the world of Ruby and Olivia where they meet the Live Oak House and Camp Chrysalis. Ruby is eccentric and adventurous. Olivia is organized and a good girl. When both girls get sent to Camp Chrysalis and get involved with cleaning a abandoned creepy old house in their town what could go wrong?

Olivia is a twin and its always been “EmmaandOlivia” but when she takes the fall for her sisters shoplifting her good girl reputation is tarnished, so for her summer going into seventh grade she has to go three times a week to Camp Chrysalis.

Ruby has always been adventurous and causing trouble she used to be best friends with Emma. Ruby is definitely not friends with Olivia, but when she gets involved with a glitter prank she also has to go to Camp Chrysalis a camp for delinquents.

On the first day of camp they get way too bright pink shirts with creepy smiley faces. Thats when they find out the mission of the summer will be cleaning and cataloging Live Oak House. Live Oak House was a old mansion on the edge of town with a big live oak in the middle of it.

As they tour the house on the first day Ruby and Olivia hear a sad sounding music box coming from a tiny door, they think they are just hearing things so they don’t think much of it.

As they keep cleaning and cataloging they acutely start to have fun in the mansion there is everything from creepy dolls to taxidermy animals. As camp goes on both girls keep hearing and seeing creepy things in the house.

They decide they will have to put there grudges aside and work together to solve the big mystery of Live Oak House. Will they become friends and work together to solve the mystery or will it all fall apart?