“Leap” of Faith


We’ve all heard the mantra “follow your dreams.” But what happens when you’re told the opposite? 11-year-old Félicie Milliner has been always told that dreams are not meant to be followed. She escapes from an orphanage in Brittany, France to go to Paris with her best friend Victor. She takes a leap of faith that lands her into the Opera Ballet School, but will she be able to make it with no former training?

Leap! is the story of two orphans who were left at an orphanage on the same day. One is a stereotypical klutzy, misunderstood genius. The other one is the well used character of an indestructible feisty ginger. The film fast-forwards several years and past more than 400 escape plans to 1884, with Félicie and Victor on the rooftop of the orphanage with some wings inspired by a chicken. And off to Paris they go!

The animation is practically flawless, aside from a few moments where the ballet looks choppy and like a more modern form of dance. Each and every character has their own individual physical personality, including their posture and how they dress. The clothing seems mostly accurate for the 1880’s, except for the ballet students whose skirts could have been a bit fuller.

The plot is generally very interesting and upbeat, although some of the concepts border on being cliché. For example, Félicie’s unspoken motto of “follow your dreams” has been used over and over again in both everyday life and in the entertainment industry. The storyline is fictional, with the only thing that is not physically possible being Victor’s invention of the “chicken wings,” which he creates to fly.

Despite the few faults in the movie, Leap! is a very enjoyable experience and a good movie to bring the whole family to.