Jake The Fake Keeps It Real Book Review


The book Jake the Fake is perfect for the age group of  10-12. It has a lot of comedy with a mix of a great learning experience. My brother who is in the 6th grade also read the book and enjoyed much more than I could. Jake is just beginning middle school. His older sister is very smart and attends a gifted and talented school so Jake “applied” to.

Jake didn’t really make it into the school sadly and faked it for a very long time and it caused him a bundle of conflict and strugles. Jake faked the piano more than anything else. He tried to fit in multiple times yet failed. It was simply not his thing. Jake was smart in his own way. He found a way to cheat and take the easy way out of everything and somehow it continued to work in most cases. Although, one time Jake got to do a garbage sculpture: yet failed again ,he had fun and started to find his real interest.

Eventually Jake did have to come clean, and although he faked playing the piano, math tests, science projects etc. they let him continue attending the gifted and talented school only because he had a real talented but you have to read the book to find out! This book has a very empowering story for young readers and teaches them the life lesson of just being yourself, it works things out for the better. I would defintley reccomend this book to anyone who is just starting middle school it gives them good advice to get through the big transition. To sum up, Jake the Fake is an enjoyable comedy for young readers ready for the transition into middle school!