James Patterson releases another fantastic book


“Pottymouth and Stoopid” is an exciting book full of laughs, fun, and relatable moments. James Patterson is an author that I wish had more books for me to read. Every single one cracks me up. This one was about two kids who had some bad nicknames since preschool. Pottymouth and Stoopid. Michael (Pottymouth) came up with random alternatives to swear words, like flufferknuckle. David (Stoopid) was just plain clumsy. It all started in preschool when David and Michael had a finger painting fiesta, turning finger paint into body and floor paint. Soon, the floor was a badly painted American flag, and David became Stoopid. Kaya Kennecky, the class sassy girl, pointed, and with just one word, David’s nickname was born. Michael became Pottymouth later.

The main part of the story happened in middle school, where David and Michael met Anna Brittony, the classic basketball nerd. She was at every basketball game, and when David and Michael tried out for the basketball team, but were rejected because of their nicknames, she approached them. She told them that they were actually pretty good, and that team was not smart to reject them. She later sent the coach a clip of them playing basketball at home. The coach instantly regretted his decision. Within a few chapters, two movie stars emerged and a prank war had begun. Kaya and her best friend were always the first to the bathroom. And with a little bit of clear plastic wrap over the toilets, their gym shorts had been painted brown.

This again is one of the best books I have read. It was only short for me because I wanted to read more. It had pictures, which added to the excitement because I could see what was happening. This book is great for all ages, but I think that kids aged 9 to 15 would enjoy this the most. I already wish that there was a second Pottymouth and Stoopid book.