Not so Chaos and Cream


Chaos and Cream is a Denver – based ice cream shop. But, it is no ordinary ice cream shop. The average ice cream store experience is walking in, looking at buckets of ice cream through the glass, and then choosing the type you want. This, is much different. The workspace needed is so small that it is a stand outside other stores rather that a store itself. It has a menu with flavors like Strawberry Avalanche and Smart Cookie.

But here’s where it’s different. Have you ever had ice cream made in front of you? Or have you had Thai style rolled ice cream? That’s right, they rolled up ice cream. Using a cold platform, workers freeze an ice cream base (the cream part), and they flatten it. Because they flattened it, they can easily roll it up with what looks like metal spatulas. The ice cream is made to order, so that you can see that your ice cream is 10 seconds fresh. While I was there, they had my mom and I taste test different types of mint chip for a wedding on Saturday, which they do quite often, apparently.

I interviewed co-founder Brian Rosen and found some interesting stuff. Did you know that it’s legally impossible to get a patent on rolled ice cream? Brian says that he and his partner, Bernard Friedman, found a rolled ice cream shop in New York, where it had come from Thailand. He says that he then thought that Denver would appreciate it. So, he and Bernard founded Chaos and Cream. In fact, he could only patent the name and logo, which he did.

When I was there, I was amazed. Halfway through the interview, a girl and her mother came by, and after the question, he turned around and said hello to the girl and her mother, and had a super short conversation with them while their ice cream was made. After that, he turned back to me and explained to me that the girl was in school year round and that he knew her because they were the first customers to the new location, and he got to know them. That just blew my mind that a company owner knew his customers by name and sight and was friends with them. And, to give away ice cream for taste testing? Wow. You could tell that he knew the employees too. Also, while I interviewed him, he focused on me, instead of my mom. (most people focus more on the adult) This was a great experience for my mom and me.