Unnatural is right…


“Unnaturals: the Escape From Lion’s Head” by Devon Hughes is a ‘supertastic’ book about some mutant animals who were put into a fighting ring and had a revolution against their handlers. The handlers carry piercing whistles around with them to make the animals stop barking/talking/roaring. This is book #2 in the Unnaturals series. Unnaturals exist because humans took some animals from wildlife and blended their DNA with that of other animals, and then they called them Unnaturals. The Unnaturals were put into a fighting ring. They then had to fight for public entertainment. This book picks up where the first book left off.

A few of the Unnaturals include Castor the Underdog was a dog with wings who was a street dog that was captured from the streets of Lion’s Head and taken to a lab. At the lab, he was given a shot that gave wings. He is a nice dog that had lived with his brother and the rest of the pack, always protecting his brother from the alpha.

Jasmine the rabbit panther. Jasmine was the fastest creature in NuFormz (the place where all of the Unnaturals were trained). She was a friend to Castor the Underdog from the very start. She is very friendly and does not like fighting and is easily scared.

Moss the zebra bull is old, he is a veteran and was at NuFormz before the rest of them and is the only known survivor of the last season because the invincible killed every other unnatural. He was always skeptical of the rest of the team’s thoughts.

This is an adventure story focusing on life for these Unnaturals. The action takes place in the wilderness outside of Lion’s Head. This is where the gang of Unnaturals finds an alligator that knows her way around. They have a goal of escaping to a place with no city smog and hope that the alligator will help get them there.

This is an awesome book that is recommended for all ages. I think ages 9-13 will enjoy it the most. Compared to the first book in the series, you’ll find enough similarities that it keeps the story going, yet it manages to be unique in its own way. It is a pretty fast read without a lot of complicated words.