The Next Secret Coders Adventure


The third book in the Secret Coders series, Secrets and Sequences by Gene Luen Yang and Mike Holmes, is out, and it’s packed with adventure. This graphic novel starts mid story following Secret Coders and Secret Coders: Paths and Portals. In this book, Hopper, Josh, and Eni have uncovered a ghastly plot, with a green-skinned man in his quest for world happiness-but not in the way you think! Maybe that’s why the visuals are in black, white and green! It is a silly story with lots of fun, but educational, too.

This cartoon-like graphic style really emphasizes the funny nature of the book. It teaches actual code, and how to code for different purposes.It’s about friendship as well. Secret Coders three is a quick read, and third through fifth graders would probably enjoy this adventure. It ends on a puzzle cliffhanger that you have to figure out, and a secret code message to decipher. It has lots of computer science puns, as well. I recommend this book for budding coders and for kids who would love a future career in computer science.